Non-invasive Laser Facelift

An innovative non-surgical laser facelift for natural-looking results


What is Fotona4D®

Fotona4D® is an innovative laser treatment that uses a unique combination of 2 complementary laser wavelengths to treat 4 distinct “dimensions” of the skin to rejuvenate and tighten from the inside out. Fotona4D® offers a non-surgical, non-invasive facelift alternative that delivers natural-looking, long-lasting results.

  • Tightening and volumization without the need for fillers or toxins
  • A full lifting treatment from the inside out
  • Immediate rejuvenation, tightening and glow
  • Improved skin complexion
  • Little or no downtime
  • No surgery, needles or anesthesia

How does it work?

Fotona4D® = 4 Dimensions = 4 Steps

Fotona4D® uses 4 dimensions of rejuvenation to tighten the skin from the inside out.

1D  Step 1: SmoothLiftin™
Fotona4D® starts inside the mouth, where laser energy is used to immediately kick start the tightening process around the jawline and perioral region. This step will also reduce expression lines like the nasolabial folds and wrinkles, much like a filler, but naturally.

2D Step 2: FRAC3®
Next, to complement the intraoral treatment, deeper imperfections (like deep lines) and pigments are precisely targeted to restore a youthful texture and more uniform overall complexion.

3D Step 3: PIANO®
In step three, a brushing technique is used to safely and rapidly apply heating to create an overall tightening effect, resulting in more firm and lifted skin.

4D Step 4: SupErficial
Lastly, a light laser peel is done to improve the appearance of the skin and address surface-level imperfections. You’ll immediately notice that your skin looks refreshed, tighter, and you will enjoy a youthful glow!

What to expect?

Fotona4D® is a 30-45 minute non-invasive laser procedure that causes almost no downtime or discomfort, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities as usual. An immediate freshness and tightness of the face can be seen soon after the treatment, but the full effect unfolds gradually over a period of 2-3 months. One can expect continuing improvement for up to six months after treatment.

  • Minimal side-effects and downtime
  • No needles or anesthetic
  • An investment in skin quality
  • Long-lasting results

Real patients, real results

Doctors Video Testimonials

Ashraf Badawi, MD, PhD

Egypt / Canada

Doctors Testimonials

Tania Phillips, MD

United Kingdom

I love that I can provide my patients with long lasting, natural looking results. I am able to tighten, volumize and restore collagen to the face while improving skin tone and texture to restore my patients’ youthful appearance... without the risk of injectables and no downtime. My patients are delighted with the ‘natural glow’ of their new skin!



Hong Kiat Tan, MD


Fotona4D® face-lifting tackles problems of laxity around the mouth and jowls, which other systems or surgery will find difficult to address. This is a relatively painless procedure with no downtime.

Adrian Ricardo Gaspar, MD

Argentina / United States

The Fotona4D® facelift gives the physician a new and powerful non-invasive therapy. With Fotona4D®, our patients now have a multi-dimensional choice of safe and effective treatment options for their... aesthetic needs. Fotona4D® provides a comfortable and painless treatment that does not require consumables or downtime.



The proof is in the patients

Courtesy of: Harvey Shiffman, MD
Courtesy of: Ivan Peev, MD
Courtesy of: Maria Victoria Fernandez, MD
Courtesy of: Adrian Gaspar, MD
Courtesy of: Adrian Gaspar, MD
Courtesy of: Adrian Gaspar, MD


What is Fotona4D®?

Fotona4D® is a series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity, enabling full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent tightening and volumization without injectables. With two laser wavelengths and 4 treatment modes, anti-aging is comprehensively approached from 4 different levels, working on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin, as well as targeting imperfections.

How long will it take to see results?

Results will vary with every individual, but most patients notice some results immediately, with the full effect taking place gradually over a period of 2-3 months. If you elect to have a more aggressive treatment, you may experience a day or two or redness.

What does the procedure feel like?

Everyone is different, but typically there is a gradual warming sensation, and after a few minutes you may experience some very brief hot sensations in the treatment area, which dissipate quickly.

Does the procedure require any downtime?

No, the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, allowing patients to resume their normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.

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